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Greetings, I'm Craig Blanchette, your guide to a healthier lifestyle. Shedding pounds is just the beginning of the journey; the real triumph lies in sustaining that success. While there are numerous ways to lose weight, I've discovered the singular path to maintaining it. My focus is on unraveling the secrets of lifelong transformation, having assisted countless individuals in achieving vibrant and secure health. I dedicate a significant portion of my time to fostering small communities united in the pursuit of anchoring their well-being on solid ground—resulting in more "YES days."

What defines a "YES Day"? It's when you desire to do something, and the answer is yes—yes to physical challenges, yes to time constraints, and yes to the financial means to support it. At Crave Optimal Health, we embody the principles derived from participating in the health journeys of over 350,000 lives. Drawing from my three decades of experience, which includes notable achievements such as:

• 21 world records

• 9 time world champion

• Bronze medal in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics.

I invite you to say hello, delve into my story, and hopefully, find inspiration. Your presence here brings me joy.

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01. Personal Coaching

I work with thousands of people and specialize in making your changes last.Book a time to go over what you want to accomplish and we'll decide on your best course of action.

02. Group Exercise

I host a weekly spin class called "The Low Roller Club" it meets on ZOOM Monday’s, Wednesday’s, & Friday’s @ 7am PST. LINK to Join: www.zoom.us/j/5039741671 Pass: Craig

03. Technology

I have been a avid fan of technology for 30 years. I worked with Apple as a consultant for 8 years. If you want to talk tech, lets talk

04. Speaker

You can hire me to come to your event and share some of my insights into what it takes to become a champion in your own life.

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